Hear From Our Students

"The hardest part of the RevOps job is getting reps to update the CRM, and dealing with all the process, training and alignment that comes with that.

With the learnings from this course, I now start with a data mining/automation first approach, which makes everyone happier from Reps to RevOps and Analytics teams"

- Michael M

Data Mining

We'll show you data mining techniques you can use in Salesforce using the tools you already know (APEX, Flows), so you can extract insights without relying on your reps to update the CRM.

Data Modeling

We'll show you the theory and practice of how to model the complex interactions between reps and customers, so you can pull all the reports natively in Salesforce.


Perfect data creates unlimited possibilities for automation. We'll show you how to automate some of the most painful processes for reps, managers, trainers, ops, leaders and more.

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